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The Mission of New Zion Missionary Baptist Church shall be the spreading and sharing of the Gospel by addressing and fulfilling the needs of this Church, the Home and the Community.

about us

New Zion Missionary Baptist Church had its beginning in 1897 with a group of inspired believers under the leadership of Reverend Noah Headen.

  This group, all members of the Warnersville Community, worked together with sincerity of purpose, laying a foundation of Christian fellowship that would certainly be connected with the present generation.

New Zion has truly been blessed throughout its history with Messengers of God who have provided us with spiritual guidance and the Everlasting Word of God.  


Pastor William F. Wright Jr.

Pastor Wright and his family have been a part of the New Zion family since 1980. We love them dearly and thank the Lord for sending us such a fantastic leader. Tap below to get to know Pastor Wright, First Lady Narcissus Wright, and their family better. 

Our Pastors

The following ministers served as Pastor of this great church from the beginning to the present:

  • Reverend Noah Headen


  • Reverend Berry Wortham


  • Reverend A. Van Landingham


  • Reverend Samuel B. Penn


  • Reverend Yarborough B. Williams


  • Reverend Prince B. Bynum


  • Reverend W. D. Johnson


  • Reverend James McCoy

    1970 - 1979

  • Reverend William F. Wright, Jr.

    1980 - Present



roots reborn

By Nancy H. McLaughlin Staff Writer for News and Record

Oct 18, 2006 - Updated Jan 26, 2015


Marilyn Poole dreams that one day more of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive will look like the much-heralded Southside development near downtown — the end of the street bustling with business and new life.

On her end of the street, in the Ole Asheboro community and beyond, condemned and boarded-up houses still dot the landscape and prostitutes sometimes stroll in the daylight.

“It hurts me to see a great man like Martin Luther King and they name the street after him and stuff like this is going on,” Poole said, resting on her Julian Street porch after a long workday. “There should be stores and everything. This is a perfect place for businesses. It’s embarrassing.”

Soon Poole’s dream may become a reality. New Zion Missionary Baptist Church broke ground last month for a sanctuary and family life center as part of a $24 million development project that will include housing and businesses on a lot once overgrown with weeds.